MSD 600L glass and ceramic five-axis linkage grinding and polishing equipment

MSD 600L glass and ceramic five-axis linkage grinding and polishing equipment

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[Device introduction]

MSD 600L glass and ceramic five-axis polishing machine is MSD520 upgrade film, focusing on solving ceramic and glass polishing problems, appearance and performance. There is a big upgrade, and at the same time, it can process five similar workpieces. And without re-clamping the workpiece may be completed four consecutive grinding step.

[Device Features]

1, processing five workpieces at a time, no need to set up Can complete four grinding and polishing, efficient

2, advanced five-axis linkage control system, automatic grinding and polishing pressure control, high precision

3, circulating water cooling, no grinding media, environmental protection

[Throwing effect 】

1, high precision, low vibration, strong power, automatic pressure control

2 Efficient special consumables, water grinding and polishing, safe and environmentally friendly

3, suitable for grinding and polishing of 3D ceramic backboard, easy to solve large arc and small R angle polishing Technical problem <>

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