Sandpaper SZ73

Sandpaper SZ73

The substrate uses mesh sand with special structure, so that the sandpaper has the special function of vacuuming and chip removal, and there is no blockage during grinding; the special treatment of abrasive and manufacturing engineering, the abrasive bonding is firm and orderly, and the grinding efficiency is high. The sharpness is good; the sanding can be kept in the most solid grinding process, the grinding life is long and the efficiency is high; the hardness is moderate, the sharpness and the flexibility are good, and the workpiece is not damaged when grinding; Timely take away dust, minimize the amount of dust in the air, and greatly improve the quality and environment of the air.

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The substrate uses a mesh with a special structure to make the sandpaper have special functions of vacuuming and chip evacuation. There is no blockage during grinding; special treatment of abrasives and manufacturing engineering, abrasive bonding is firm and orderly, grinding efficiency is high, and sharpness is good; suction sanding can be maintained in the most solid grinding process, and the grinding life is long and efficient. High; moderate hardness, good sharpness and Toughness, not to hurt the polished workpiece; effective and timely since the dust away, the number of dust in the air is reduced to a minimum, greatly improve air quality and the environment.

[Main use]

Decoration industry: such as grinding wall putty;

Automotive industry: Putty putty grinding;

Others Sticking honing materials: such as polymer synthetic plastics, carbon stamps and other materials, glass steel.

[Standard size]

1.38×100m; 1.38×200m; can be customized according to customer requirements.

[Standard granularity]


Automotive hardware parts processing in the use of dust-free net sand grinding, can be harmful particles due to elegant The damage caused is minimized. In 2013, whether it's sand discs or sand bars, Mirka's dust-free mesh sands have a wide range of particle sizes to choose from to meet the needs of different grinding operations. Whether it's cars, yachts, engineering and even aircraft, dust-free mesh sand is your best choice. In addition, the P80 to P1000 particle size range ensures that all your dust-free grinding operations are achieved at once.