How should we use the welder in a reasonable way?


    As the saying goes, "If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen it!" We are also in the field of polishing. When we want to polish a product, we must have a suitable equipment, but how should we use the welder properly? 

(1): Keep the surface to be polished parallel to the pallet during grinding to prevent the eccentricity of the pallet from continuously impacting the surface being polished and affecting the grinding. Effect, 
(2): In order to avoid the occurrence of spiral-shaped sanding marks, when grinding, first hold the grinding machine so that the tray is flat on the grinding surface before starting the machine; after the polishing is finished, the tray leaves After grinding the surface, stop it again; (2): When grinding the surface of a larger workpiece, it is recommended to use the following movement trajectory for sanding to obtain a uniform surface quality.  [br/> (4): When polishing the curved surface, the vacuuming effect may be weakened. This phenomenon cannot be avoided because air enters from the gap and reduces the suction of dust. What workers need to do is try to keep the pallets level with the surface being polished.  
Machinery is dead, no matter what kind of machinery can cause harm to people, but some harm can be completely avoided, how should we reduce the grinding machine when using the welder? Grinding workers' occupational injuries 

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