Storage method for abrasive belt in automatic sander


        All types of abrasive belts are often used in automatic sanders, but sand Improper storage can affect the use of the product and even affect the yield of the product. The following describes the storage method of the abrasive belt in the automatic sander

        1.Preservation and pre-treatment of abrasive belts

          The belt varies depending on the species, and the changes caused by climate or environment are different. Generally, the storage belt is stored in the warehouse. Be cool, dry and ventilated. The belt should be placed neatly on the cargo rack and cannot be placed on the ground. The cargo rack should be one meter away from the ground and the walls, while avoiding heat and drainage.

        2.The ideal temperature for belt storage is 18~22°C, and the humidity is 55%~65%. Before the belt is used Do not open the package as much as possible.

        3. Various resin abrasive belts, water resistant abrasive belts, especially composite base belts, paper belt requirements for storage conditions More rigorous. High temperature, low temperature and easy to absorb moisture deformation. Polyester cloth belts are sensitive to cold and cannot be stored in cold warehouses.

        4. In terms of abrasive belts, ideal storage is important, but it can still be severe if not properly handled before use. The impact of its performance.

        5.The belt should be suspended before use, and the unpacked belt should be hung on a 100~250mm diameter pipe. . Let it hang for 2~3 days. The diameter of the pipe is selected according to the principle that the product with large grain size selects the pipe with large diameter, and the pipe with large particle size selects the pipe with small diameter.

        6.The purpose of the belt suspension is to eliminate the curl caused by the packaging, and also to adapt the belt to the humidity of the working environment. . When the belt is suspended, the joint should be on the pipe, the pipe should be horizontal, the packaged belt should be unpacked, and it should be avoided to be placed on the edge.

        7. The polyester cloth belt should have sufficient warming time before use. After the suspension, the abrasive belt should be inspected for necessary quality before use. Check whether the joint of the belt is firm, whether there are holes on the surface, whether the edges are neat and whether there are cracks. If there is a small crack in the edge, it will not affect the use after cutting out with a circular arc.

        8.The belt should be used in the same direction as the direction marked on the back of the belt to avoid the belt being automatically sanded. The machine breaks during work or affects the surface quality of the machined workpiece. The belt should be rotated for a few minutes before grinding, and then the grinding should start after the belt is running normally.

        9. Before using the water-resistant abrasive belt, if it appears to be hard, it can be immersed in warm water of 30~80 °C. Soften before use. In order to ensure the surface coverage during the grinding of the abrasive belt, the pressure should be gradually increased during the grinding of the automatic sander.