Electric Grinding Machine Safety Operation Regulations


        Electric grinding machine full name reciprocating electric polishing machine (also known as honing machine), widely used in the mold industry for finishing and surface polishing, is a substitute for similar pneumatic products.

        Electric Grinding Machine Safety Regulations

        1. There is a certain safety risk in the use of the sander. Other than the skilled maintenance staff, other people may not use it.

        2. Carefully check the protective cover and auxiliary handle before using the grinding machine. It must be intact and not loose; do not use the mismatched grinding wheel model. And a shield.

        3. Before installing the grinding wheel, pay attention to whether there is moisture and corners, and the installation must be secure without looseness. Tap the grinding wheel clamping nut with other external force tools without special tools.

        4. The power outlet used must be equipped with a leakage switch device and check the power cord for damage.

        5. The sander must be turned on before use to see if the sanding plate is running smoothly and check the wear of the carbon brush. The degree should be replaced by a professional at the right time, and it can be used normally after confirmation.

        6. The grinding machine is strictly prohibited from facing the surrounding staff and all flammable and explosive dangerous materials during the operation. So as not to cause unnecessary harm. Keep the work area clean and tidy. Proper use to ensure personal and property safety.

        7. When using the sander, remember to use too much force, and use it slowly and evenly to avoid the phenomenon of crushing the piece. If there is a phenomenon that the grinding plate is stuck, the grinding machine should be lifted immediately to avoid burning the grinding machine or breaking the grinding piece, resulting in unsafe hidden danger.

        8. The grinding wheel is only for recommended use. Grinding with the side of the cutting wheel is strictly prohibited.

        9. It is strictly forbidden to use a sander without a safety cover. It is strictly forbidden to use a sander that is loose and cannot be fastened. It shall be repaired by a special person in time, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble the grinding machine without authorization.

        10. Grinding wheels should use undamaged wheel flanges of appropriate size and shape.

        11. Do not use worn grinding wheels remaining from other sizes of power tools.

        12. Be extremely careful when making “blind cuts” into walls or other blind spots.

        13. Supporting plates or oversized workpieces reduces the risk of the wheel becoming stuck and rebounding.

        14. When sanding, do not use oversized disc paper, sandpaper should be used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

        15. Do not apply excessive load to the wire brush to avoid the wire from escaping from the brush, posing a safety hazard.

        16. Do not use a cutting blade for rough grinding.

        17. It is recommended to use the Chiba sanding wheel.

        18. When cutting metal, be sure to install a protective cover to protect the cutting work.

        19. When the grinding machine has a long working time and the body temperature is above 50 °C and there is a hot feeling, please stop immediately and wait for the natural Use it after cooling.

        20. Wear protective goggles and dust masks before operating the sander, and the protective measures are not in place.

        21. When replacing the grinding wheel, the power must be turned off. After confirming the correctness, the grinding wheel can be replaced. Be sure to use the special disassembly and cutting. V-band, it is strictly forbidden to beat and play