Notes on electric grinder and precautions before use

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         Notes on electric grinders



        1. Whether the strength of the grinding is achieved within the scale, whether it reaches 150% of the load; the important raised features are as follows:

        2. Complete quiet plan: touch-activated, active cut-off, wear-free electronic brake system EBS, quick clamping system QUICKin, power-off restart lock and soft start;

         3. Weak self-supporting motor organization, switch module is dust-proof and durable

        Before grinding machine Notice

        1, the power supply used for the package is 220V.

        2, the power switch is in the "off" position.

        3, the device of the wheel guard is taken and adjusted: the shield is an easy protection device in case the wheel is broken The pipe must be tightened accurately before use, slightly loosen the set screw, adjust the protective cover to the maximum work efficiency angle, and tighten the pipe after the adjustment.

        4, the grinding wheel used in the package is the exact model, the remaining shortcomings of the seamless warfare, by taking the grinding wheel to obtain accurate device tightening solid.

        5, the test run is quiet, the angle grinder is running for more than one minute before each normal thing. After replacing the new grinding wheel, it will run for more than three minutes to ensure that the grinding wheel has no defects. Miniature electric grinder

        1. Wang Wensheng: The volume control is small, easy to operate with one hand, is a subdivided product of the general electric grinder Very amateur.

        2.Features: suitable for small space, finishing occasions, with small size, speed, stability, and no touch Whether it is one-handed operation, the parts that are not easy to be honed and polished, exquisite and exquisite, whether to change the wear and tear materials, the material is wide and easy to suffer, the price is low, and whether the different consumables are changed: carving, engraving, drilling, grinding, throwing, grinding, etc. The workpiece reaches the motives of rough carving, fine grinding, and smooth mirror finish. The market has a miniature electric grinder with vacuuming and lighting functions.

        3. Categories:

         A micro electric grinder;

        B miniature angle grinder;

         C Mini electric drive to and from the airport;

        D miniature electric swing round-trip [3]  ; .