What are the characteristics and precautions for automatic sander?

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       Automatic grinding machine reciprocating electric polishing machine (also known as honing machine). Widely used in the mold industry for finishing and surface polishing, it is a substitute for similar pneumatic products.

Product Features

1. Power is supplied by the power supply, no need to provide air pump, and it can save the production cost for users because of the air source and other factors.

2. Long journey, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The stroke of the similar pneumatic imported products is only 0.3-0.7mm, and the stroke of the product can reach 1mm. Due to the more optimized structural design, the maximum power is only 15W. Light weight, low noise and easy to carry.

3. Economical and practical. The price of this product is only a fraction of that of imported pneumatic products, which greatly reduces the user's cost of use.

4. Adequate accessories and easy maintenance.

Scope of application

Automatic grinding machine for mold, engraving speed: 15000r/min This product inherits the relevant advantages of pneumatic grinding pen, using special 12V power supply for power, input power Only 5W (Max), not subject to the restrictions of the site, is extremely convenient to use and environmentally friendly (zero emissions), eliminating the construction investment of gas source. The huge noise generated by the pneumatic grinding pen is completely eliminated. The speed of the product is divided into 4 speeds, I=9000 rev/min, II=10000 rev/min, III=12000 rev/min, OFF. It is safer to supply power with low-voltage power supply. The diameter of the largest grinding wheel is Φ3mm, and the diameter of the largest diamond grinding wheel is Φ3mm. The grinding machine uses power to do power, no need to provide relevant gas source, low noise, light weight, and the speed can reach 15000r/min. The main use occasion is the delicate grinding and polishing of the mold, and the handicraft factory finely polishes and polishes the crafts.


1. There is a certain safety risk in the use of the automatic sander. Other than the skilled maintenance crew, other people may not use it.

2. Carefully check the protective cover and auxiliary handle before using the grinding machine. It must be intact and not loose; do not use the model and cover of the mismatched grinding wheel.

       3.Before installing the grinding wheel, pay attention to whether there is moisture and corners, and the installation must be secure without looseness. Use other external force tools to tap the grinding wheel clamping nut.

4. The power outlet used must be equipped with a leakage switch device and check the power cord for damage.

5. The grinding machine must be turned on and tested before use. See if the grinding plate is running smoothly and properly. Check the wear level of the carbon brush. Replace it with a professional if necessary. After confirming it, it can be used normally.

6. The grinding machine is strictly prohibited from facing the surrounding staff and all inflammable and explosive dangerous materials during the operation, so as to avoid unnecessary injury. Keep the work area clean and tidy. Proper use to ensure personal and property safety.

7. When using the sander, remember that the force is too strong, and use it slowly and evenly to avoid the phenomenon that the sanding plate is broken. If the grinding plate is stuck, the sander should be lifted immediately. In order to avoid burning the grinding machine or breaking the grinding piece, it is not safe.

8. The grinding wheel is only used for the recommended purposes. Grinding with the side of the cutting wheel is strictly prohibited.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use a sander without a safety cover. It is strictly forbidden to use the sander that is loose and cannot be fastened, or it can be repaired by a special person in time. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the sander without authorization.

10. Grinding wheels should be undamaged with appropriate size and shape of the grinding wheel flange.