The correct way of using and maintaining the automatic sander


        The correct use of the automatic sander :

       1, please check the protective cover and auxiliary handle carefully before using the grinding machine. It must be intact. Before installing the grinding wheel, pay attention to whether there is moisture and corners, and the installation must be firm and not loose. It is strictly forbidden to use other external tools to hit the grinding wheel clamping nut without special tools.

2. The power socket of the pneumatic grinding machine must be equipped with a leakage switch device, and check the power cord for damage, and the grinding machine must be turned on before use to see if the grinding plate runs smoothly. Normally, the degree of wear on the carbon brush is checked by a professional at a timely time, and it can be used normally after confirmation.

3, the grinding direction of the pneumatic grinding machine is strictly prohibited in the direction of the surrounding workers and all flammable and explosive dangerous goods, so as not to cause unnecessary damage. Keep the work area clean and tidy. Proper use to ensure personal and property safety. When using a pneumatic grinding machine, remember that the force is too strong, and it is necessary to apply force evenly to avoid the phenomenon that the grinding piece is broken. If the grinding plate is stuck, the sander should be lifted immediately to avoid burning the grinding machine or Due to the broken pieces, the safety hazards are caused. It is strictly forbidden to use a sander without a safety cover. It is strictly forbidden to use the sander that is loose and cannot be fastened, or it can be repaired by a special person in time. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the sander without authorization. Remember that when the grinding machine works for a long time and the temperature of the body is more than 50 degrees and there is a feeling of hot hands, please stop immediately and wait until it is naturally cooled before using it. When replacing the grinding wheel, you must turn off the power or pull off the power cord. After confirming the correctness, you can replace the grinding wheel. Be sure to use a special tool to disassemble and cut the V-belt.

Automatic sander maintenance and maintenance:

Ensure the overall cleaning of the sander is smooth, keeping the machine and ventilation holes and smooth. Regularly replace the new carbon brushes and power cords and the electrical conductivity of the contact parts, and add the missing screws in the fuselage during operation. Regularly check whether the bearings, gears and cooling blades of the transmission part are flexible and cut the V-belt, and lubricate the rotating parts in time to extend the service life of the grinding machine. After the sander is used, return it to the tool library and keep it in a safe place.