Guangdong precision structural parts processing factory tells you the classification of honing machine


       Guangdong precision structural parts processing factory tells you honing machine Categories  

       Basket Mills

Basket Mills can be used as high-speed dispersers when pre-dispersed When used alone or in a fine grinding process, the grinding machine can be used to eliminate the complicated and cumbersome processes and equipment of the high-speed dispersing machine, rotary drum grinder, and piping. , maintenance, cleaning costs and work. Pre-dispersion and fine grinding can be done with just one basket mill. Especially for materials with high solid content and high viscosity, it can achieve good grinding effect. This is unmatched by traditional equipment. The successful development of this machine has once again brought a new leap in the efficiency and dispersion grinding performance of the basket mill.

Coffee Grinder

When the coffee grinder grinds beans, the thickness of the powder depends on how it is cooked. The shorter the cooking time, the finer the ground powder will be; the longer the cooking time, the thicker the ground powder will be. The coffee grinder takes a very short time to make coffee, so the finest powder is fine, the coffee powder is fine like flour; it takes about one minute to cook coffee with a plug-in method, and the coffee powder is medium-thickness grinding; The filter coffee is made for a long time, so the grinding of the coffee powder is the thickest, like the Beijing grain on the shell beach. The coffee grinder grinds the appropriate amount of coffee powder, which is very important for making a good cup of coffee, because the extraction of water-soluble substances in coffee powder has its ideal time. If the powder is very fine and cooked for a long time, it will cause excessive extraction. The coffee may be very bitter and lose its aroma.

Double Side Grinders

Double Side Grinders are primarily used for double side grinding of parallel crystals or other mechanical parts, especially for the processing of thin brittle materials. Applicable to various materials of mechanical seal ring, ceramic sheet, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blade bearing end face and silicon, germanium, quartz crystal, graphite, sapphire, optical crystal, glass, lithium niobate, hard alloy, stainless steel, powdered gray Plane grinding and polishing of metal materials such as metallurgy.

High-speed grinding machine

The high-speed grinding machine speed control method belongs to the field of ultra-precision machining technology. The known technology is to start the grinding machine. After overcoming the inertia, the rotation speed of the grinding tool directly refers to the official grinding speed, and the machining stops, and the rotation of the grinding tool stops after a certain period of time under the action of inertia. The machining accuracy of this method is not guaranteed and the machining efficiency is low. The invention controls the change of the rotating speed of the grinding tool in the two stages of the beginning and the end of the grinding process, so as to have a slow, rapid and slow speed increasing and slowing down process. The effect is to greatly reduce the impact of the abrasive tool and the surface of the workpiece, and avoid the occurrence of scratches, thereby improving the processing precision and the processing efficiency. The invention can be applied to the grinding process of a high-speed grinder, and performs surface grinding processing on workpieces such as cemented carbide and engineering ceramics.

Drill Grinder

The drill grinder mainly includes a grinder body, a grinding wheel, a positioning sleeve and a drill socket, and is characterized in that a central portion of the main body of the grinder has a screw thread. The motor mandrel is provided with an E-shaped retaining ring groove on the shaft wall for positioning and pressing the E-shaped retaining ring, the washer and the grinding wheel, and the locking grinding wheel is pressed by the washer and the nut, and the outer edge of the motor spindle is set inside. A hollow tube with a thread for positioning against the front end of the drill bit, and a hollow circular flange on one side, for the positioning sleeve to be integrally inserted into the inner hole of the drill socket; the center of the drill socket is set with a position sleeve, and the outer edge is provided The screw is provided in the screw of the circular tube on one side of the grinder body, and the end face is provided with a drill jack for the drill of the size and size to be inserted into the grinding front end cutting edge.

Shaft Grinding Machine

Rotating the workpiece or the lap (adjustable grinding ring or grinding rod) by the main shaft rotating in the forward and reverse directions, the structure is relatively simple and used for grinding , the outer cylindrical surface.

Special Grinding Machines

There are center hole grinders, steel ball grinders, and gear grinders depending on the workpiece being polished. In addition, there is a centerless grinding machine that uses a similar centerless grinding principle for grinding cylindrical workpieces.

Automatic Grinding Machine

1. The automatic grinding machine is a high-speed grinding machine and a precision grinding machine. The belt is made of abrasive cloth, and the electric appliance is sprayed with Japanese and spring, Fuji, and the whole machine. The color is the color of the computer.

2. The guide rail is the linear guide of Taiwan.

3. The scraping rubber adopts the card type. The lock design can adjust the deformation of the scraping glue to ensure the grinding quality.

4. This automatic grinding machine, high-speed grinding machine, precision grinding machine can be used for mechanical scraper and manual scraper grinding.

5、Special grinding wheel design, no abrasive pressure on the cloth, no distortion of the scraping rubber, no corrugation, ensuring grinding precision.

6. Grinding angle to match various special printing Performance.

7. The grinder is equipped with a dust-washing device to reduce industrial pollution, which is beneficial to the health of the staff and the maintenance of the equipment.

8. Automatic grinder, high speed Grinder, precision grinder is easy to operate and can be operated without special technology.

Roller grinder

1. Horizontal drum, inner barrel covered with PU, can be lining It is resistant to acid and alkali, wear-resistant and prevents workpiece collision.

2. There is no lining in the barrel, suitable for steel balls or steel products, because it can strengthen the cutting force and promote greater effect.

3. The barrel can be rotated freely, with appropriate slope, and the following materials are convenient.

4. The simplest and most convenient model for the grinder series, suitable for processing, and the most economical mechanical acquisition cost.

5. This machine is suitable for forging, casting, sanding work must have strong cutting force.

6. Grinding work requires black film, blackhead and fine grinding, and chamfer polishing.

7. The advantages of low noise and easy operation.