Five ways to solve the poor polishing effect of ceramic glass polishing machine


        Solving ceramic glass polishing The five methods of machine polishing are not good.

        The ceramic glass polishing machine solves the traditional polishing difficulty to a certain extent, long time, consumable consumption A lot of problems, but there are still some problems in use, which affect the final polishing effect, then you know how to solve it? The following is explained by Xiaobian for you.

        1, the equipment can not be polished on the wooden floor.

        2, when the equipment is polished on a hard surface, the slope of the ground should not exceed two percent.

        3, the device should pay attention to the presence of debris under the use of the process, it is best to check before booting.

        4, the equipment to boot to check the wiring of the wire, the wire can not be excessively bent, can not be worn and so on.

        5, equipment should be cleaned and maintained frequently, especially the equipment chassis should be cleaned.  


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