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  • We are committed to customer first, to meet customer needs, and to provide customers with efficient grinding equipment and precision parts processing solutions to create higher value for customers.
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Dongguan Golden Sun Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a precision structural parts processing factory, Guangdong grinding and polishing machine manufacturer, plastic grinding and polishing equipment factory integrating R&D, production, sales and automobile hardware parts processing. The company started in 2014. Specializing in automotive hardware parts processing, all kinds of precision parts production and assembly, mainly produces mobile phone metal structural parts, filters, communication parts, military accessories, medical equipment, measuring instruments and other high-tech metal parts, with high-precision CNC machining center More than 500 sets and supporting production processes. In 2016, we started to develop automatic grinding machines, five-axis polishing machines, electric grinding machines, weld grinding machines, ceramic glass polishing machines, etc., and we have a variety of models of grinding machines to provide customers with continuous service. . Our grinding machine can process multiple similar workpieces at the same time, and the workpiece can be completed without multiple re-clamping. It can continuously complete multiple grinding processes. The production efficiency and product quality have great competitive advantages in the market, especially in mobile phone plastic, middle frame and metal casing. The grinding industry easily solves various technical and technical problems of side arcs and grinding. The machine tool adopts international advanced control system, high stability, no loss of data, convenient operation, automatic compensation, no conversion program, strong development, and easy for users to use, multi-axis linkage, no pause. Products are sold to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhuhai, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other regions.

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